Jieyici 节义祠 Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei China Central Park With Five Musea and Planningcentre.

Jieyici 节义祠 Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei China Central Park With Five Musea and Planningcentre.

News from Chang Jiang Eeekly (reporter Gong Ping) 24 januari 2014

Jieyici 节义祠

Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei

White frame shows the region of the land which will be turned into the park.
An allotment of prime land by the lake in Jiangxia District has attracted well-known real estate developers from all over China. Many have come to take a look, and all have expressed a strong desire to buy it at a competitive price. If it were sold, the Jiangxia government would earn about RMB 5 billion. However, the government has decided not to sell. Instead, it will invest about RMB 200 to 300 million in the construction of a park that will serve local residents.

On January 17, the Jiangxia Land Resources and Planning Bureau revealed that three companies will present their design proposals for the future park. Once these proposals are checked and approved by the experts, the construction of the 1-square-kilometer park will commence.
The land parcel, which is opposite Tangxunhu Lake, covers an area of 1,500 mu (approximately 100 hectares), is partially occupied by an additional lake. “In addition to being lakeside property, the future Metro Line 7 will pass right by it,” an official from the Jiangxia Land Resources and Planning Bureau disclosed, “That’s why the price of the land is valued at RMB 5.6 million per mu (around 0.07 hectares).
However, after careful consideration by the Jiangxia District government, and Jiangxia Land Resources and Planning Bureau, a decision was made to transform the land into a park. It is said that the tentative plan is to clean and deepen the lake. Afterwards, the lake will be connected to Tangxunhu Lake. Once that project has been completed, the Jiangxia Library, Jiangxia Museum, Jiangxia Archives, Jiangxia Cultural Center, Jiangxia Performing Arts Center, and Jiangxia Urban Planning Exhibition Center will be built one by one along the side of the lake. The remaining area will be turned into a wetland park.

News from Hubei Daily News (reporter Li Wei) 25 februari 2014

Jieyici 节义祠
Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei

Hubei Daily News (reporter Li Wei, the Commission Jiangxia District Correspondent 周虹武 Han city government north jiangxia center of town there is a lake of open space, an area of ​​1,500 acres, the market assessment of the value of 5.0 billion, more than desired by the developers watch for a long time. Jiangxia much hesitation, finally decided to give up the revenue for other invested 500 million yuan converted a large central park.

Jiangxia said yesterday that the district last year to the global call for large central park design, the current design of the Netherlands and other places three units plan has been submitted, the 28th will organize expert review, publicity during the year, a large park construction started.

This space is located in the core area of ​​Metro jiangxia ‘golden cross’ intersection, east Tangxun Lake, north of the central business district (CBD, south of the District Government and the District People’s Hospital.

According Jiangxia Planning Bureau, the following piece of open space planning of the No(http://www.wantinews.com/). 7 subway line, the ground will be built along Dragon Street light rail jiangxia first big commercial value. Cf surrounding land price, the land is worth at least 5 billion yuan.

Jiangxia revealed that the land was originally intended overall development indeed, later changed to ‘semi-developed’ late last year determined to do commercial development.

Last July, the province with a large development company signed a development Jiangxia intention framework, the proposed overall development of the land. Jiangxia taking into Jiangxia District Core Planning Vision, some hesitation.

Last fall, Jiangxia Committee Secretary Wang Xiangwang line to the Dongli District, Tianjin investigation, they were attracted to a country park. Delegation proposed that the piece of land set aside Former Grand Central Park(News News http://www.wantinews.com/). Late last year, carried out a global plan Jiangxia , a formal decision to build the Kai Grand Central Park.

According to the initial idea, large central park half water, half of the wetland landscape corridor along the street side of the dragon with one-tenth of the area to build libraries, museums, archives, Planning Exhibition Hall, cultural centers and performing arts centers, after the completion of Wuhan City, the new city will be the largest center of the park, an area equivalent to the size of three Liberation Park.

Jiangxia Planning Bureau, responsible person, learn from New York’s Central Park, Grand Central Park concept, stocked with dense buildings in the city center in a 方绿洲 for public recreation, promoting conservation, increasing livable urban culture elements. ‘Abandon 5 billion yuan revenue, in exchange for a huge cultural and ecological value, but also to pull around a large park land rises, how this reckoning all worthwhile.



Prijsvraag Jiangxia Central Park With Five Musea and Planningcentre.

Afgelopen najaar en voorjaar hebben DSH architecten Den Haag en Arcadis samen intensief gewerkt aan een grote prijsvraag in China. De ontwerpvraag was een groot stadspark van 120 ha met daarin zes musea voor de stad Jiangxia. Het park vormt een centraal onderdeel van de nieuwe noord zuid ontwikkeling in de stad.

Het meer vormt het bindend element in het park met daaraan gelegen zes verschillende parkthema’s. Van noord naar zuid loopt door het park een brede langzaam flaneerboulevard met centraal in het park een groot ontmoetings- en evenementenplein. De thema’s in het park lopen van kind-ontwikkeling en spel naar sportvoorzieningen, het romantische park ‘poët hill’ en het eetbare park.

Het zesde thema in het park is de geestelijke en culturele ontwikkeling en ontspanning in de vorm van de museum boulevard met de zes musea.

Het park wordt omsloten met een brede meanderende singel en het gouden pad, een wandel/jogging-pad van 5km onder dubbele rijen Ginko bomen.

Via de toegangspleinen en poorten loop je over de bruggen het park in en laat je de stad achter je.

In China verrijzen sinds 2006 gemiddeld 100 nieuwe musea per jaar. De behoefte aan nieuwe musea voor de groeiende middenklasse in de steden is groot. In het park is ruimte gecreëerd voor een 500meter lange museumboulevard met daaraan een kunstmuseum, een regionaalmuseum, een grote openbare bibliotheek, een partijmuseum met partijarchieven, een jeugd-techniekmuseum en een groot auditorium ten behoeve van de stedenbouwkundige ontwikkelingen. De gebouwen hebben een totaal netto oppervlakte van 52.000m2. Onder de museumboulevard ligt een grote parkeergarage in twee lagen. Een metrohalte verbindt het park en de boulevard met de stad.

Wij hebben als team met veel energie en plezier aan de plannen gewerkt.

Of het plan tot realisatie komt is nog niet helemaal duidelijk, maar wij zijn blij dat we een van de 3 geselecteerden zijn.

Wij houden u op de hoogte.


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